A Design Studio for Emerging Technology

New tech needs a creative perspective. Our team works collaboratively with yours to communicate complex topics and your big picture mission through artful and informative design.

Branding & Identity

Typography, logos, infographics and more. We use design to empower new ideas and to help craft a strong identity for you and your company.

UI + UX Design

Our team transforms your napkin sketch into apps, dapps, and websites that reflect your mission while celebrating great user experiences.

Communicate complex topics; blockchain technology, machine learning, ai +

Marketing Strategy

Plan a campaign, collaborate with partners, and connect with new audiences. We help you develop innovative and memorable strategies for outreach.

Let's Create!

We're a diverse team of designers, artists, and architects. Work with us to develop iconic websites and apps, custom artwork, exhibitions, or something entirely new to broadcast your project to the world.

Who we've worked with: Blockade Games (Neon District), Dapper Labs (Cryptokitties), Cryptonomic, TQtezos, The New Art Academy, and more.

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In 2018, the CC began as a magazine dedicated to spotlighting creativity in the emerging world of blockchain. We interviewed dozens of new companies and illustrated hundreds of unique artworks to help in visualizing complex topics for a crypto-curious public.

Cryptokitties worked with our team to commission a storybook of Page, the mighty and adventurous fancy cat.

Our founders, Michael and Kirk, are advisors to CADAF; the Contemporary & Digital Art Fair which was founded by The New Art Academy in New York City.

Steem Park is a physical park development project in Brooklyn. The installation was the first of it's kind funded entirely by cryptocurrency and through crypto-crowdfunding platforms like Steemit. Watch the documentary, here.

The Bldg App is a platform for civic engagement and neighborhood impact utilizing blockchain technology to build community stakeholdership.

CryptoPuzzles is an art series that embedded clues to cryptocurrency wallets within collectable NFT (non-fungible token) artwork. Embedded in each artwork are a network of clues that lead to a wallet and a prize.

Exhibitions, Webinars and Workshops.

The Crypto Renaissance is an exhibition series that explores emerging tools that stand to revolutionize the creative world. The first show opened in Brooklyn at the Bogart Gallery in 2018.

Neon District is a cyberpunk RPG powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Our team worked with Blockade Games to develop the demo gameplay user interface, graphics, mission and media strategy.

MININAX is a retro Tezos block explorer. We worked with the Cryptonomic team to design a User Interface that was fun and informative.

TQ Tezos powers assets and applications across the Tezos blockchain ecosystem. We worked with the TQ team to design websites and graphics to illustrate the many benefits of Tezos as an emerging technology.

Sndbox began in 2017 as a global program to support artists, writers, designers, and musicians as they learn about crypto to fuel new ideas. Click here to learn more.

© Sndbox LLC, 2020

About Us

Creative Crypto is the design brand of Sndbox LLC based in Brooklyn, co-founded by Michael Lee + Kirk Finkel. Two creatives with a passion for technology.

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