Learn with 0xcert’s DEX Series

Ready for more top-notch blockchain resources? To go along with 0xcert’s NFT Spotlights, the company is also producing an ongoing series around decentralized exchanges (DEX) in the aptly named DEX Series. Each resource walks you through the specific use-cases in the industry and makes a critical case towards the necessity of decentralized markets and exchanges. The latest issue looks at how decentralized structures are changing how we operate with games and blockchain-backed collectibles.

Here’s the list of the series resources –

DEX Series #1: Tags and IDs
DEX Series #2: Trading and exchange
DEX Series #3: Governance and control distribution of exchanges
DEX Series #4: Centralized vs. decentralized exchange
DEX Series #5: Academia
DEX Series #6: Crypto-collectibles

Name: 0xcert’s

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