A Fan-Made Hollywood Powered by EOS [Filmio Takes The Big Stage]

Blockchain Meets Hollywood

Filmio – a California-based entertainment platform – just day-lighted a much anticipated blockchain powered ecosystem made to reinvent the status quo of Hollywood. This new ecosystem leverages the super powers of cryptocurrency to establish a more sustainable dynamic between creators, fans and investors.

It’s a tough life for the average indie-filmmaker. Finding a sweet spot somewhere in between project investment and connecting with an audience is exceptionally difficult. Across creative industries like film, there’s a talent empowerment problem. While there have never been more ways to create and connect, social networks are in complete control of your momentum. Artists hit artificial ceilings designed and regulated by third parties. Content is, as we now know, incredibly valuable.

“Blockchain is the only technology that adequately enables the creation of a peer-to-peer path connecting fans to creators. Our vision is that, by connecting these two groups, the best ideas will gain attention from financiers, investors, and other industry players key to a project’s success.” – Don Richmond, Filmio Chief Marketing Officer

BUIDLing Good Relationships

Filmio seeks to fuel the relationships between creators and their fanbases. Fans are a key component of the entertainment dynamic who are traditionally left out of the creative loop. But why aren’t fans given access to something they know, love and would readily provide valuable feedback towards? This is where Filmio seeks to establish an incentivized forum to cultivate good ideas and to celebrate the creative process.

New ecosystems like Filmio are presenting an exciting new frontier for creative industries as a whole. The team has deep roots of expertise from within the world of entertainment, technology and media. They aren’t just alert to an industry problem, they have experienced it first hand and understand all sides of the equation. Filmio represents a new wave of blockchain powered companies with industry-specific experience.

Learn More About Filmio

Explore more details about Filmio via their website or latest press release. The team recently published a whitepaper and roadmap illustrating a massive network of exciting resources for creative practitioners, investors, and fans. Here’s more on the many goals and Filmio features ahead:

  • In the Filmio ecosystem, creators can connect with fans to build a supportive audience and acquire meaningful statistics around emerging projects.
  • Filmio’s fan-fueled review and rating system generates the Go Score™ — a first-of-its-kind metric for pre-validating great projects.
  • As top projects are validated by fans, they join a showcase with access to a myriad of funding and licensing opportunities. Production Companies, Financiers and Film Funds — including the Filmio Studio — compete for the best projects.
  • The rich, featureful social environment of Filmio Decentralized Platform will bring a new, deeper experience by sharing content, connecting viewers to each other and to filmmakers in a way not previously possible.

Name: Filmio
Images: All images courtesy of Filmio, Inc.

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