A Misadventures Meetup with CryptoKitties

Breaking the Chain

This Thursday, Creative Crypto co-founders Michael and Kirk will be speaking at a CryptoKitties Meetup in New York City. We’re super excited to be surrounded by such a stellar lineup of talks from across the Ethereum network.

Sign up for the Meetup, here.

So what’s the topic of conversation? What are all these crypto-folk huddling around to talk about? It’s only fitting that after a long year of many ups and downs – let’s chat about moments that went terribly wrong. Here’s the Meetup description from the CryptoKitties team –

2018 marked the first full year for CrptoKitties and a lot (a lot!) happened. So, we thought it’d be fun to reflect on the things that didn’t quite go as planned, and share a couple of the episodes that kept us up at night. So come and be a fly on the wall as people with various roles in the ecosystem recount the nightmares and mayhem from last year. There’ll be some lolz…and some wisdom. What more could you want?

As they say, prepare yourself for an evening plentiful of puns and facepalms. It should be a fun and therapeutic huddle of insider stories. Here’s the list of 5 speakers who will share their tales on Thursday, below.

Speaker List:

  • Austin Samsel – Engineer at CryptoKitties – You can’t change the past — not even with teamwork
  • Devin Finzer – CEO of OpenSea – Building Alongside an Early Ecosystem: Tales from the Origins of the OpenSea marketplace
  • Brian Flynn – Editor of NFTY News – It’s not clear what’s valuable, because the definition of value changes
  • Cassidy Robertson – Product manager at CryptoKitties – What happens when extensibility takes kitties to dark places
  • Michael Lee & Kirk Finkel – Creative Crypto – Timing Creative Action on the Blockchain

For those of you attending the NFT.NYC event or who are in the neighborhood, we hope you can join us!

Name: CryptoKitties in NYC: Breaking the Chain and Other Misadventures
Event WebsiteSign Up Link
Location: Distributed Global / 16 Vestry St, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10013
Date + Time: February 21 @ 6:15 – 8:45 PM

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