A Rolex on the Blockchain

“Watch” this Space

There’s an exciting new set of items up for grabs on Portion – the blockchain powered marketplace. This week there’s a Rolex watch and an NFT artwork by artist Connie Digital. This particular pair is a Portion “Drop” – meaning that via purchasing a digital artwork you’re automatically entered into a cryptography fueled raffle to earn the IRL physical watch. For 10 USD you can own artwork and might also win a Rolex.

Click the image below to learn more:

What are Drops?

Each Drop contains a combination of art and collectibles. By entering a Drop, collectors have a chance to acquire one or more of the goods that are part of the drop. At the very least, a collector walks away with a good that is valued equal to or greater than the cost of entry.

Drops are powered by blockchain and cryptography. Once all entries to a drop are sold the technology takes over. A randomizer assigns a good (token) to the address of an entry. This process ensures that everything is fair and transparent thereby increasing trust. – Source, Portion FAQ

Drop Details

Rolex Watch – 1:500 (Est. value: $4,999)
Digital Art – 500:500 (Est. value: $10)
Drop Site: https://portion.io/#featured

Project: Portion
Website: https://portion.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PortionApp

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