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The Creative Crypto is the first magazine powered by blockchain technology, dedicated to all things creative within the cryptocurrency world. We are a source for thoughtful and impactful stories surrounding art, design, and crypto-innovation. The topics presented here are meant to be approachable and exciting for newcomers and long-time veterans alike.

On the Blockchain

All of the content featured on this website is logged directly to the Steem blockchain by way of our Creative Crypto account. This allows our Magazine to earn and accrue Steem (a social media cryptocurrency). In building our stake, we’re able to reward our artists, writers, developers and other contributors with crypto-backed upvotes. The blockchain is radically changing the way content can live on the internet and how we can support a new wave of crypto-creativity!

Our Team

Our team is a global and interdisciplinary team of writers, editors, curators, developers and artists. We work collaboratively to articulate complex topics through the lens of creative writing and illustrations. 

A Project By Sndbox  |  Michael Lee Kirk Finkel

Zsolt Vidak, Illustrator


Emrebeyler, Software Developer

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