Neon District Collection

This “Founder’s Key” is a collectible token within Neon District. Keys are items that can be redeemed to unlock in-game assets (like clothing and weapons).

Admin Key Items Available Here: OpenSea Link

About the Game

Neon District is an upcoming cyberpunk role-playing game developed by Blockade Games and built on the Loom Network with Unity. Players control parties of characters and battle to progress through a sci-fi storyline and earn in-game NFT (non-fungible token) items. Your aim as part of the “Degens” and “Edits” is to combat a governing entity that has begun to surveil and control its citizens with implant technology. The game’s Founder’s Sale went live on March 28th and Season Zero is launching later this spring.

Learn more about Neon District Founder’s Sale and Season Zero here.

Blockade Games Website:
Neon District Website:

This Carousel highlights artwork from the Neon District project.

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