An All New Creative Crypto

Welcome to the first major update of The Creative Crypto in 2019! As you can see right away, we’ve overhauled the magazine by introducing a new homepage, some exciting projects and media. Over the last several months, the crypto community and number of resources available to creators in the blockchain space has grown by leaps and bounds. Our goal is to assemble and congregate a modest (creative) window into the many stories, art, culture, technology, and progress being made.

So, with so much different, let’s go through the new structure and explore the new types of content available on The Creative Crypto!

Main Page

New Logo(s)

We dig gradients (shocker). This new brand is much more vibrant than the last iteration. Here are the two versions (both as high quality PNG files) we use for official branding / the magazine and social media / the newsletter.

Feature Articles

To compose more varieties of content on the main page, we’ve added various scrolls to better present the top 10 feature articles in a more accessible way. These are the major interviews, spotlights, and thought pieces created exclusively for the magazine.

Community Picks

This section presents classic articles that are still garnering major viewership and engagement. We’ll cycle through the community favorites each week so you can discover the fun and fabulous from past work.


All the latest and greatest, all on the front page! We’ve moved the more frequent updates, developments, and projects of the blockchain space to the front of the magazine by popular request. This gives our partners and colleagues more support during this time of blockchain BUIDLing.

If you or your team is working on something and want to announce updates, please be sure to share through the magazine [here]!

Guest Contributions

As a move to build a more inclusive and comprehensive creative hotspot, we’re inviting more individuals and companies that produce think pieces and articles on their own respective outlets (Medium pages, blogs, etc.) to submit past work to the magazine. If you’ve discovered a piece of content that you believe should get more exposure, share it with us and we’ll reach out to the authors!


Oftentimes, great projects in the blockchain space are quickly swept away or even with some proper attention, don’t get to showcase all the thought and development from behind the scenes. Our Carousel will change every few weeks and bring together the key images of significant crypto creativity in themed batches. Until the next round, explore some of our favorites from the Rare Pepe project!

Video Spotlights

Another goal of ours was to best present new multi-media work from the blockchain ecosystem. Some of these companies may not be inherently creative, but many have found uber creative ways to visualize blockchain and crypto with animations, videography, and storytelling.

More Fun

The last gallery consists of the short cultural stories that pop out of the strangest places in and around blockchain. From crypto scandals to breakfast campaigns, decentralized technologies are creating some bizarre consequences in the social world.

More to Come

We believe this new format will make it easier for us to share the very best when it comes to crypto creativity and provide a better structure for initiatives of all types to engage our audiences. We’re looking forward to your feedback and ongoing involvement!

…and as a final treat for those who don’t remember or are new readers, these are snapshots of what the magazine looked like in May 2018 and November 2018 –

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