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There’s a new kid on the block[chain] gearing up to challenge the status quo of content creators and content consumers. ARA is the brainchild of LITTLSTAR, a global tech company based out of New York with deep roots in the media and technology landscape. They are alumni of the content economy and understand the faults, dangers and inefficiencies that fuel third parties… but plague individuals. ARA is looking to flip the dynamic and draw power back to the people.

ARA represents a new era for the internet. Where we get our voices back and where what’s ours is ours. All content, decentralized, secure, owned, distributed, paid for, and rewarded between peers.

A Creator-Centric Marketplace

Your content is being monetized, by someone. We don’t always know who. Social media platforms are opaque and hard to query for data. It’s no secret why Facebook is worth half a trillion dollars but none of the users of that platform have been rewarded with any kind of stake in it. Your data is valuable. ARA is developing a direct line of communication between the creator and the consumer backed by crypto-economics. It obliterates third party puppetry to allow you to better valuate your content, understand the demand and who your consumers are.

Name: ARA

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