‘Art and Blockchains in Space’ Presentation by Ruth Catlow [Nov 11, Berlin]

Ruth Catlow, counder of the arts group Furtherfield, will be giving a presentation ‘Art and Blockchains in Space’ at the KW Institute’s SPACECRAFT conference in Berlin. The full event “addresses long-term strategies of financing and co-ownership that offer a contrast to the punishing precarity of Contemporary Art. It asks which methods of collectivization and cryptofinance, among other options, might offer sustainable working models for the field.” With more solutions in the blockchain space for practicing creative professionals, we’re excited to see Catlow’s approach on the subject as an organization and institution.

“This talk will focus on artist strategies for reconnecting with the needs of localities and translocalities, and critiquing the “tokenization of everything” for total extraction by distant bodies.”

Name: ‘Art and Blockchains in Space’ Presentation by Ruth Catlow
Date + Time: November 11, 2pm
Location: KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

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