Art on the Blockchain Ep.26 with Naturel

Art on the Blockchain (AOTB) is a podcast that explores the merging of blockchain, music and art with weekly vanguards of the crypto art world. The hosts of the show are a crack team of creatives and staunch crypto-art advocates dedicated to covering developments in the space. DJ J $crilla is a musician and crypto art enthusiast, and his counterpart, Cynthia Gayton, is a lawyer specializing in art and contract law.

On AOTB’s latest episode, the hosts talk with acclaimed artist Naturel and his entry into the blockchain space and his experiences operating on decentralized art marketplaces. Join in on one of the first instances of a professional practitioner taking on new blockchain-powered resources head on – 

Name: Art on the Blockchain Ep.26
Website: Link
Naturel’s Website
Naturel’s Twitter
Naturel’s Instagram

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