ArtBlocks: Make Art WITH the Blockchain


Blockchain that Generates Art?

ArtBlocks is a platform that facilitates digital artists and creatives to have their artwork be reactive to the outputs that are coming out of the Ethereum blockchain, using the technology of smart contracts. These specific contracts are art nodes, where it creates a single output in the form of a hash string. There are limitless possibilities to which platforms can establish connections with the Art Nodes and creatives can then utilize these hash characters as parameters to create generative content.

Each Art Node comes with its own personalized settings, where the user can change and customize their own Art Node. There is also a feed where the user can view where the most recent hashes are coming from. These Art Nodes are also escorted by their own respective endpoints, which can be used by the creators to bridge together digital projects to the Art Node output.

The image above is an interesting example of a project that is connected to an ArtBlocks endpoint. If you check this link, you will notice that the image changes slightly every few seconds, which represents the newest compilation of the Ethereum blockchain and how it’s re-imaged into a new generative form. In addition, people can send ETH to each respective project’s contract address. Every time 0.0001 ETH is sent, the user buys a block of time where the project will decipher the block hash that is stored on their Interface Token. If the users do not have an Interface Token, then no reaction would occur.

The ArtBlocks platform creates a foundation for an innovative approach for creatives to encourage user interaction with their generative projects and establish a potential revenue stream using the functionalities of blockchain technology.


Interface Tokens, or TOKN, are the assets used to facilitate the interaction with an ArtBlocks Art Node, where the token would collect the one-of-a-kind hash string that correlates the formatting of an Ethereum block hash. The ArtNode switches from outputting the most recent Ethereum block hash to the unique hash stored on the sender’s Interface Token when a user that owns a TOKN sends ETH to an Art Node contract address.

Project Details

Project Name: ArtBlocks
Discord: Chatroom link

All images are courtesy of ArtBlocks
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