Bitcoin in Your Bloodstream [Implants Offer A New Kind of “Warm” Storage]

Some People Bleed Bitcoin…

It’s true, crypto cyborgs are upon us! But really, cryptocurrency storage is a trending topic and a lot of options are on the table. You might have heard the phrase – “not your keys not your crypto” – meaning, if you are not the owner of the keys to your digital assets they are not truly yours. There are many ways to store these new resources; on an exchange, a desktop wallet, or cold storage in a thumb-drive. In a quest for the perfect storage option, some are resorting to more extreme methods of HODLing.


In 2014, Martijn Wismeijer inserted a xNT NFC Chip into his hand which contained Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Darkcoin. While certainly subtle and largely undetectable, Wismeijer made a point to say that this was not his long-term storage option – citing security concerns over the publicity he received at the time.

Now, a journalist at Coindesk – Bailey Reutzel – has taken the plunge. Read more about her deep dive and a 14-gauge needle, click here. Should we embed our assets in our bodies? Do you think there’s a future in hacking our bodies?

Subject: Bailey Reutzel
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