‘Blockchain, from Promises to Applications’ Event [Nov 27, Montreal]

On November 27, Printemps Numerique will be hosting the conference “Blockchain, from Promises to Applications” at the Canadian Center for Architecture in Montreal as part of their ‘[#]intersections’ series. The series of talks and panels will outline both what we can do with the technology as operators in the space as well as how it will inform and impact everyday life including policy.

The event will attempt to answer the following questions –

  • What does the development of the blockchain entail for industries and companies?
  • What are the real opportunities related to the deployment of this technology?
  • What is its level of maturity and its real disruptive power?
  • What would be the potential applications of the blockchain?

“As part of our next event #intersections VOL.9, Montreal Digital Spring wants to question the potential and challenges related to the development of the blockchain in order to help businesses, citizens, decision-makers, and creators to better understand the transformations promised by this new technology.”

Name: #intersections VOL.9: Blockchain, from promises to applications
Location: Centre Canadien d’Architecture
Date + Time: November 27, 5-9pm
Website: Link

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