Blockchain Helps Anti-Government Activists In Thailand

There are all sorts of different types of activism, and history has shown us that whether it involves rallies, political campaign contributions, demonstrations, boycotts, or strikes, there are all sorts of ways for individuals to champion their beliefs in order to ignite some kind of change. In Thailand, it appears as though blockchain technology is now helping, as a rap video criticizing the Thai government has been able to avoid censorship by living on the blockchain. 

An unknown individual has placed the music video on the Zcoin blockchain by utilizing an IPFS link.

The song, entitled, “RAP AGAINST DICTATORSHIP”, has since gone viral, garnering over 36 million views. Although the comments are disabled, it is clear that the video has gained traction with viewers, as it has over a million likes with less than 30,000 dislikes.

The lyrics of the song criticizes the Thai government, the crime rate, government corruption, and seems to focus on the authoritarian nature and lack of transparency of the national gov’t as well as The Royal Thai Army.

Name: Blockchain-backed Video Helps Anti-Government Activists In Thailand
Video: Link

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