Blockchain in BK: Spotlight on Brooklyn Tech Week

A Sneak Peek into Brooklyn Tech Week

2018 is quickly coming to a close, but that hasn’t stopped the blockchain industry from going full throttle on events and education in this year’s final months. New York City, where The Creative Crypto is based, is especially buzzing with new public programming and excitement for the coming year. This week, we’re excited to introduce to you and partner with Brooklyn Tech Week in Williamsburg, New York to bring you more details on the effort to cover the state of blockchain development across the Big Apple.

The lineup is impressive to say the least, featuring the leadership of offices like ConsenSys, CoinFund, and Brooklyn Bridge Ventures. Their 4-day event covers the baseline of the emerging crypto industry and goes deep on the impact and applications of blockchain. To gain a grasp on the goals of this particular conference, we sat down with the creators of the event to learn more about their mission and expectations.

The Creative Crypto (CC): Thank you for joining us Brooklyn Tech Week team! Tell us about the background and motivation behind the event.

We wanted to bring together some of the latest technologies, many of which are being innovated in Brooklyn -to create an annual event that takes us closer to an ideal urban future.  As Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams says “we are about building tall people, not just tall buildings”. This is a chance to contextualize new technologies and educate and reflect why relevant, so that we can build together (techies and non-techies, young and old) with purpose.


CC: What is the importance of blockchain in the context of NYC and Brooklyn’s current tech industry?

Blockchain is one of the most accessible technologies at this moment in time.  When students are learning about computer science for the first time they are learning about blockchain technology as the primary infrastructure.  This idea of digital self-sovereignty combined with decentralized networks imagines a future where people have more control of their destiny.  A future where networks can be bootstrapped and created across new industries is very appealing in New York where there is such a diverse economic and social base.  I think we can all imagine a future that positively leverages technology to empower communities and create more social mobility.


CC: Which panels, speakers, and programs are particularly exciting in the lineup and why?

On Day 1, the Blockchain Crypto Summit, we are particularly interested to hear guest speaker Doug Petkanics, Founder of Livepeer, to talk about decentralized live-streaming.  There are so many content creators in Brooklyn and we would like to empower them with knowledge.  Jake from Coinfund will then lead a robust conversation on generalized mining, which is more or less about how to participate in new networks.  We have a ton of other great panelists that will speak on State of Dapps, Security Tokens, Utility tokens, Music Blockchain and more.

Brooklyn Tech Week’s Keynote Speakers

CC: What can visitors expect from their attendance at the event? 

For sure it is a robust week of programming.  Attendees can expect amazing talks on Blockchain to start.  If it piques their interest, then definitely come to the Urban Tech Day, which includes discussions around Urban Investment, Transit & Mobility, Regenerative Cities, Ag/Food Tech as well as a number of presentations from local urban minded start-ups.  There are a number of phenomenal speakers.  This is really the juice of this conference and the heart of what we are about at The Bushwick Generator.


CC: Any other details we should know about?

For those extra-extra curious about an empowered urban future,then come Saturday, November 10th to our BK Urban Hackathon sponsored by DAOStack.   In this hackathon, we will work with mechanisms such as smart contracts and tools to create decentralized governance in the context of addressing urban issues.  Techies and non-techies welcome, come with your ideas and frustrations.

We’d especially like so share our appreciation for our lead sponsor ConsenSys for helping us kick off this future.  And thanks to The Creative Crypto who is has really been a pioneer in this field.

Thank you Brooklyn Tech Week team for sharing your motivations and plans. We’ll be bringing more to the forefront this week. Learn more about our partnership here.

Name: Brooklyn Tech Week
Date + Location: November 7-10, Brooklyn NY
Event Ticketing: Link

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