Blockchain Powered Journalism with WordPress + Civil

Building Bridges

WordPress plays host to 27% of the entire internet. That’s close to 75 million plugin-happy websites (including our own.) The ecosystem of content management on WordPress is massive and growing all the time. That’s why it’s exciting to see partnerships that bridge into new technology and seek more sustainable tool kits for publishers to tap into. Journalism has been a hot topic in the internet era, and even more so over the last few years as truth becomes harder to track in the ether of a disorganized internet.

Enter – blockchain. A secure savvy technology that tracks the truth. Blockchain is like a court stenographer that keeps tabs on data as it moves around the internet. In a world of fake news, we desperately need an immutable track record made to query and quickly dismiss false narratives.

A Sustainable Future for Journalism?

Could journalism be on the cusp of a blockchain renaissance? It’s looking likely. With open-source initiatives like Newspack, WordPress could trigger a major shot of adrenaline into the media ecosystem.

The effort is designed to address some of the persistent obstacles to creating economically sustainable models for journalism, particularly at the local level.

Newspack Announcement by

Civil recently announced a partnership with Newspack, where verified news organizations can gain access to kit of tools designed to tokenize and secure their media. In the case of Civil, blockchain is a double whammy – because it incentivizes publishers with tokens (stakeholdership) while also providing a secure ecosystem for content to survive.

We’re building a community of independent newsrooms from around the world and making it easy for them to access emerging technologies that can help with sustainability and engagement initiatives. Automattic has a deep commitment to promoting the use of open source in media. Our mission is to use open source technologies to help support a large and diverse network of quality news organizations around the world, and we can imagine no better partner in this initiative.

Matthew Iles, CEO at Civil

Stewards of a New Media Movement

Civil is making incredible strides to partner with “old guard” organizations in an effort to build a stronger future for the media industry. Among Civil, there are many exciting bridge building blockchain projects to keep an eye out for in 2019. While each come with their own flavor of free speech, the goal remains the same – to empower a new era for information on the web.

Learn more about Civil’s WordPress partnership, here.

Project Name: CIVIL

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