‘Blockchain: The Technology That’s Changing The Music Industry’ Panel

The recent A3C Festival in Atlanta was an almost week-long event featuring some of the top artists in the music industry. The festival was a huge success with over 35,000 artists and fans in attendance, and as a special component, a full conference of expert panels tackled the current state and future path of the music industry, including ‘Blockchain: The Technology That’s Changing The Music Industry’. Panelists included DJ J-Scrilla, Bradley Miles of Fancoin, and Matt Robinson of eMusic. Watch the full discussion below –

Blockchain is more than a buzzword. It’s the fundamental technology behind some of the most exciting startups and innovations in music, and beyond. Learn from our panel of experts on what you HAVE to know in order understand the trends and opportunities.

Name: Blockchain: The Technology That’s Changing The Music Industry
Video: Link

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