Blockchains & The Future of Organizations [Nov 29, NYC]

“Blockchains & The Future of Organizations” is an event jointly organized by Techstars, Crypto NYC, and Common Interest to converse around the impact of blockchain on professional organizations. Discussions will include the nature of stakeholder relationships, distribution of equity, and all the relevant legal and financial obstacles before true integration. The lineup is stellar with speakers including Jake Brukhman of CoinFund, Katherine Wu of Messari, Yossi Hasson of Techstars, and more.

“…how far away are we from democratizing equity? What are today’s legal, technological and financial hurdles that need to be overcome in order to unleash tokenized organizations on a global scale?”

Name: Blockchains & The Future of Organizations
Location: The Alley, 119 W 24th St
Date + Time: November 29, 7-9pm
Website: Link

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