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A growing component of The Creative Crypto is the “My 2 Satoshi” series, presenting thought pieces on diverse perspectives of the blockchain space by creative professionals. With the rapidly expanding ecosystem of blockchain art markets, music platforms, media sites, creative communities, events, games, and an endless list of entrepreneurial projects, there’s no way our editorial team is able to explore everything and anything that is pertinent to the crypto-curious creative.

So we’re asking for your help, inviting you to submit first-hand experiences of you or your users of the latest major developments and happenings. To give you some sense of what would make great pieces, here are some of the contributions thus far – 

My 2 Satoshi: Selling My Digital Art on SuperRare

Artist @shortcut walks us through his first listings on the premiere blockchain art marketplace SuperRare, from upload to management.


Read the full contribution here

A New Category of Creative Practice [Thoughts on the “Decentralizing Art” NYC Event]

This article covers the conversation held at this month’s “Decentralizing Art” panel, hosted by Blockstack in New York City. It presents the perspectives of the panelists and some of the major discursive takeaways. 

Read the full contribution here

My 2 Satoshi: My Experience as a Choon Musician

Musical artist @shookriya presents the decentralized music platform Choon from the point of view of a user and creator, outlining the major differences between and media applications like Spotify and Soundcloud. 

Read the full contribution here

My 2 Satoshi: God, I Hope Bitcoin is a Bubble

One of latest thought pieces looks at the common comparison of Bitcoin’s speculation as akin to the centuries-old ‘Tulip Mania’ of historical Holland. Get the scoop on why this is actually an apt connection and why we hope that BTC is indeed a “bubble.” 


Read the full contribution here

We invite you, if you’ve got a rich story to tell or burning thoughts to share, to contribute to The Creative Crypto! For those interested, reach out at hello [at] 

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