CC Weekly [Feb 13, 2019]

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The Creative Crypto Now ‘Marble-able’ on Marble.Cards!

We’re thrilled to announce that content on The Creative Crypto is available to be marbled on Marble.Cards! We’ll be the first media outlet and creative forum to be supported by the platform and anyone can now choose their favorite pieces of content and create immutable collectibles to sell and trade.

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Gett’n NFTy in NYC [Interview with Cameron Bale, NFT.NYC Conference]

The highly anticipated NFT.NYC conference is taking place next week! The Creative Crypto is proud to be a media partner for the first event of its kind in New York City and to kick off the excitement, we have an interview with some of the brains behind the event. We spoke to Cameron Bale, Director of Marketing at Peoplebrowsr and Coin.Kred, about the mission of the event and how he plans to help usher in NFT innovation with the conference.

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‘At The Blockparty’ Premiere Conversation with Cryptograffiti

First, the big news – The team at Blockparty, a blockchain event ticketing application, is officially launching its “AT THE BLOCKPARTY” video series on The Creative Crypto! The mission is to capture discussions with key influencers and practitioners in the crypto space and open up points of interest for the “crypto curious.” Blockchain news is still dominated by financial and legal talking points, often obscuring the rich personal stories and communal strides that occur in the rapidly growing industry. 

For the first recording, Vlad Ginzburg (Blockparty VP of Business Development) chats with Cryptograffiti, one of the most well-known and active artists in the space.

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Crafting a Space for Blockchain [Interview with Giani Fabricio, Part 1]

Giani Fabricio certainly has one of the most interesting relationships with today’s blockchain culture. Despite being a creative professional, he hasn’t put up his art for sale on a crypto marketplace, tweeted out ‘trademarked’ memes, nor designed a new token UI. And yet, his design work has left an indelible impression, especially on the New York blockchain community.

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