CC Weekly [Jan 31, 2019]

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The Creative Crypto’s Media Partnership with NFT.NYC

The Creative Crypto is proud to announce our media partnership with the upcoming NFT.NYC conference! This event will bring together the top thought leaders and companies working to develop non-fungible token protocols and ideas through games, collectibles, art, and more. Involved companies include CryptokittiesNeon, and many other notable startups.

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The First Million-Person Conversation [Interview Ohad Asor of Tau-Chain]

To many, the greatest promise of blockchain is the idea of scalability – monetary scalability, data scalability, and the potential to be inclusive of individuals worldwide. Decentralization allows us to imagine new systems that don’t buckle under the weight or compromise themselves in the face of global usership and accessibility. 

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Crypto [Interview with the Founders of Crea]

For the past few weeks, we at The Creative Crypto have been exploring the new beta testnet of the Crea blockchain and its first application Creary, both of which are laying the foundation for a crypto-integrated peer-to-peer (p2p) creative economy. With the rollout of a well-designed and promising creative platform, we simply had to speak with the core team at Crea and explore their motivations and ambitions for a wholly dedicated content-fueled blockchain.

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Funding a Clear Crypto Future [Interview with Bryan Myint of Republic Crypto]

…the landscape of starting and funding decentralized projects today is fraught with obscure regulation and miles of red tape, not to mention the anxieties with building on a technology that is barely 10 years old. Blockchain entrepreneurship needs facilitators, ones that are well prepared to navigate new initiatives from ideation to proper execution.

Republic is poised to do just that, already helping major crypto initiatives like the PROPS Project raise capital through public crowdfunding and guiding investors to find promising and legitimate new startups. 

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