Choon Spotlight – I WEAR GUCCI (MY NAME’S CRAIG WRIGHT), by DJ J Scrilla

Craig S Wright aka Faketoshi is the megalomaniac of the Bitcoin world and DJ J Scrilla wanted to celebrate his pompousness with a tribute song. This song, “I Wear Gucci” isn’t a personal attack, more of a celebration of this ‘pop star’ in the crypto world.


The song dropped on Monday, Nov. 19 and was only available to DJPEPE token HODLers for the first week to show gratitude to the folks that support Scrilla’s cryptoart in the space. The song was made public beginning Monday, November 25 on the decentralized music platform, Youtube and Soundcloud. Keep an eye out for the music video (to be shared on The Creative Crypto soon)!

Name: I Wear Gucci, by DJ J Scrilla
Choon Account:

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