Cirrus Opening First Crypto Mining Store [Oct 20, Lewisville]

In a sector that values digital assets over physical ones, it’s hard to imagine that a cryptocurrency company actually wants to make history by… opening up a physical store?  However, that’s exactly what Cirrus Technologies plans on doing on October 20.  In a couple of days, the first “cryptocurrency store” will open in the United States.

Don’t get us wrong, there are businesses all over the nation that have hopped on the crypto wave and accept payment in cryptocurrency, whether you want to grab an authentic Brooklyn pizza slice or have some adult Las Vegas fun.  Cirrus Technologies is planning on catering to those who want to repair or upgrade their cryptocurrency mining machines.

There will be prizes on opening day at their store in Lewisville, Texas. In addition, the store expects to sell novelties that can be purchased using cryptocurrency.  The company also stresses that they welcome visitors who are simply curious and do not intend to make a purchase.

Name: Cirrus Technology Grand Opening
Website: Link
Date: October 20, 2018
Location: Music City Mall, Lewisville

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