CIVIL is Live [A Network for Independent Journalism]

Supporting Independent Journalism

As of this week, Civil is live. You can now join the network by becoming a Civil member, create your own newsroom and vote on the broad scope of media being published through a community of 100+ independent journalists around the globe.

Become a Member

Civil is a community for independent journalism, and it’s run by you and the journalists you rely on. As a member, you can help support reporting where it’s needed most.

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Owned by the Community

As a stakeholder of the CVL token, you actually own a piece of the entire CIVIL ecosystem. That authority allows you to vote on newsrooms you want to support and challenge those that you feel are reporting unethically. This fosters a new cooperative dynamic between news outlets and the audiences they cultivate. CIVIL is really a social experiment to decentralize the governance of media – a structure where news-creators are held accountable for the quality and intention of their reporting.

Here’s a great diagram that walks you through the CIVIL network –

Onboarding a Global Network

100+ newsrooms are already live on the network and publishing stories to the Ethereum-backed blockchain. Read more about how Civil is partnering with legacy media institutions alongside up and coming journalists –

Project Name: CIVIL

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