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Clamping onto Crypto Games

Lumi Collect has announced their partnership with the new blockchain game CryptantCrab! Players can collect mutant pets and send them into battle right on mobile.

CryptantCrab is a blockchain PvP game created by award-winning game developer Appxplore (iCandy). Inspired by the success of Crab War, their previous app, the gaming studio decided to take the next step and bring some crypto sport to the game.

The whole idea behind CryptantCrab is based on Betta Fish fighting, an unconventional hobby of raising colorful Siamese fish known for their combative nature. Each fighting fish stands out with its very own combination of colors, patterns, and fins. And CryptantCrabs, with their eye-catching markings and colorful parts, are no different. Players can train, mutate, trade, and battle their ruthless pets and gain the appreciation of other CryptantCrab challengers.

Elements + Battles

CryptantCrab body parts are powered by one of the five elements: Water, Spirit, Fire, Metal or Earth. Players can experiment and mutate Crabs, using Cryptants, in order to find the right elemental combination and bolster their creature. Elements contribute not only to the improvement of fighting capabilities, but also make each Crab’s appearance unique.

One of the most exciting parts of the game are CryptantCrab Battles. Each crab has a heart which holds special strengths. However, those strengths remain unknown to all players. Unique mysterious Hearts, as well as Growth Points, Elements and Fossils help Crabs in battle as they train and grow with experience. There is a possibility of earning a variety of rewards such as Cryptants and ETH through a victorious outcome in battle.

How to Play via Lumi Collect

Download and install the Lumi Collect app, and if you already have a wallet, import it by typing in the mnemonic. Or create a new account. Browse through the Marketplace, choose your future legendary warrior, and buy it with ETH. Check your Collection, where your new pet will be there waiting!

When the Battle System becomes available, you’ll be able to fight with other players on your mobile phone through the Lumi Collect app.

About Lumi Collect

Lumi Collect is a crypto wallet app for iOS and Android, designed to make your mobile gaming experience as smooth as possible.

  • Store your ERC-721 (crypto collectibles) safely and all in one place.
  • Play your favorite blockchain games on your phone and sign ETH transactions.
  • Browse through the hottest crypto games in the Explore section and choose your next adventure!

Project: Lumi Collect

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