Let’s Collaborate!

The Creative Crypto has a number of ways for for readers and contributors to engage our community. The following are the current options for individuals and organizations looking to collaborate. Taking it a step further, all contributors with Steem accounts are eligble to be rewarded with a crypto-backed upvote. Learn more about our upvote rewards here.

Illustrated by Yiran Park

Billboard (free)

Anyone can submit a short-form article on a project, event, discussion, or announcement that relates to creativity and the blockchain sector. Approved submissions will be published on the Billboard page.

Billboard (promote)

Billboard posts can also be promoted to be reserved at the top of the Billboard page. Approved posts will remain visible for a minimum of 5 days and be featured as part of our weekly magazine coverage.

Feature Article

Have a creative idea for an exclusive article on our front-page magazine? Did you just launch a platform or application that you want a personal review on? Or maybe you have a big-picture essay that you would like to get out to the world? Submit an idea for a long-form piece and our team will work with you to get it published.

Illustrated by Zsolt Vidak
Illustrated by Zsolt Vidak

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Are you interested in developing a story rather than just share one? Our team works closely with individual practices and organizations to produce material – articles, physical projects, events, exhibitions – designed to help educate and grow audiences in a creative and engaging way. Contact us to start a discussion!