Crypto Art with All The Feels [Interview with JOY, 3D and VR Artist]

A JOYous Touch in a Techie World

Blockchain technology and others like Virtual and Augmented Reality are inspiring artists all around the world to discover new ways of creating and sharing their art. Despite the current rocky markets, the financial nature of the space hasn’t held back professional creators to enjoy and leverage the benefits of utilizing the new and empowering tech. One of the artists who is working at the frontlines of these developing technologies is John Orion Young or “JOY” for fans and friends.

JOY made quite a splash in the blockchain world earlier this year, introducing a level of 3D-modeling, VR, and animation expertise that was previously absent in the creative domain of blockchain. Today, we are lucky to speak to the artist and gain insight into what this technology really means for a prolific and dedicated practitioner.

The Creative Crypto (CC) Hi JOY, Can you introduce yourself?

Hello! I’m JOY. I’m a contemporary artist with classical training. I love to use technology to create art and connect with my JOYcollectors.


CC: Can you tell us about your art?

My art is about the vast spectrum of experiences of JOY. The duality of internal feelings you can have when you feel both joyful and are a bit upset at the same time. I’m heavily inspired by the emoji keyboard, slime, and Bart Simpson lol! Also, all of my artworks are hand sculpted in virtual reality using Oculus Medium VR.

CC: Can you tell us how blockchain-technology is integrated in your art?

The Ethereum blockchain is the main infrastructure of the JOY Art Market. It creates a ledger of ownership history, sets the new price after a trade, and enables artworks to be traded between collectors. I integrated blockchain technology in my art for various reasons, such as making artworks immediately available to trade when they are revealed; rewarding JOYcollectors for buying into my art early; removing third parties from the process of value creation; and last but not least laying the groundwork for JOYWorld!

CC: Could you tell us something about the way you distribute your art?

For the sale of my art I make use of a smart contract which increases in value on each trade and lists it for sale again. Every work is always for sale (at ). The last owner that held the artwork always makes a profit as soon as a the artwork gets bought. This also has the benefit that no artwork can ever be truly lost in someone’s wallet if they would lose the keys.


CC: You are planning on building a “JOY-world”. Where will we be able to find that world?

JOYworld will beta launch in the spring of 2019. I’m pushing to make it available on the majority of headsets with a focus on optimizing for standalone headsets (no PC or phone needed) that have hand tracking (such as the recently released Oculus Quest). It will also be viewable via desktop and mobile in the future as well. I’ll be launching a portal on my website () for JOYworld with more information very soon.

CC: Could you give us a hint about the plans for JOY-world?

JOYworld will be a JOYful new place to cultivate creativity within yourself. A world in another reality to experience your JOY and create new JOYs! Anything else you want to share? I just want to use this opportunity to thank my JOYcollectors for believing. Thank you all for your support and for pushing me in my art and programming abilities.

Can’t wait to see you all in JOYworld! Wish you were here XOXO JOY

Name: John Orion Young / JOY

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