Crypto Heroes [Hxro + Blockade Games Partnership]

Lions, Tigers and Rare Bears!

Blockade Games recently announced a partnership with Hxro to gift rare artwork through their gaming platform. Plasmas Bears are kind of like non-fungible Frankensteins – made up of a composite of collectible, colorful and artful digital assets.

Hxro is the self-proclaimed g-spot of cryptocurrency – where players experience a blend of gaming and skill-based asset trading. For this partnership, a limited number of Hxro Plasma Bears were made accessible to Hxros 37k fan base. Blockade Games (the team behind Plasma Bears) also designed an adventure for Bears to take part in. In each adventure, Bears can earn additional NFTs and pick up cool loot!

Blockade Games couldn’t be more excited to partner with Hxro. Blockchain games are delivering on real crypto use cases across boundaries, and across communities. We’re uniting to challenge how we think of digital asset ownership and celebrating our creativity. The future is bright for blockchain gaming.

Marguerite deCourcelle

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Visit the Hxro website to learn more about their trade-based gaming network. The project is a fascinating example of gamified community building. It’s certainly exciting to see more partnerships these days – something that hopefully signals broader-scale cooperation across the blockchain industry in 2019.

Project: Plasma Bears by Blockade Games

Project: Hxro

Partnership Announcement: Link
Images courtesy of Hxro + Plasma Bears

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