Crypto Memes Become IRL Paintings

FREE ETH and When Lamboz?

California based artist Christine Tien Wang is painting crypto memes. A collection of acrylic memes-made-real were recently on view at the Nagel Draxler Gallery in Berlin. Wang’s “Crypto Rich” series is full of huge paintings that look almost indistinguishable from their original #cryptotwitter counterparts. The Moons, Boobs, Lambos, Free ETH and Winklevii are all headed to Ever Gold gallery in San Francisco this Spring.

One piece titled “Bitcoin Princess” caught the eye of the original meme-maker @NeerajKA;

Images via the Nagel Draxler Gallery, Crypto Rich (source).

Join for the money, stay for the memes

Wang’s work is tapping into the funky side SoMe culture that crypto is fueling. While blockchain represents a disruptive new species of governance, crypto media taps a raw and unfiltered kind of energy. Memes are quick, witty, mean, and cunning creatures. Crypto is the perfect place for this style of media to thrive.

Bitcoin, is a set of Double D boobs. Bitcoin embodied all these utopian fantasies and hopes and aspirations. And then on the other hand there were these crypto memes and Instagram posts and Twitter posts that were extremely crude.

Christine Tien Wang (via Breaker Mag)

Artist: Christine Tien Wang
Series: Crypto Rich
Exhibition: Ever Gold, May 11 – June 22, 2019

Thank you to Joyce Yang for sharing this story with us!

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