DADA Digest: A Year in Review [Dec 2018]

The Dada Digest is the monthly newsletter that covers the previous month’s activities and upcoming schedule for, a collaborative drawing platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. Subscribe here to receive their monthly updates by email. You can find their original submission here on their Medium page. 

The DADA Digest

 A Year in Milestones 

 Léelo en español

We reached our 100,000th drawing in July

Check out the entire conversation

María García made her 10,000th drawing

She’s our most prolific artist.

Artists from 59 countries engaged in visual conversations 

700+ rare digital prints sold to over 200 collectors 

From our seminal Creeps & Weirdos collection.

22 art masterpieces for Cryptokitties 

A groundbreaking collaboration in crypto-collectibles with Kitty Hats

We spoke at 32 Art and Blockchain events

We hosted 5 DADA community gatherings

We organized artists’ reunions in Chile, Mexico, London, Prague, and NY.
We did a design thinking retreat in Sedona, Arizona with our team. 

It has been a fantastic year and we’re ready for to help bring in a new era. We wish our artists and supporters a wonderful holiday and a marvelous New Year!

Name: Dada Digest

Cover image illustrated by @zsolt.vidak

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