Decentralizing Art: The Hype and Hope of Blockchain [Dec 10, New York]

Blockstack, an open-source endeavor to decentralize the internet, is hosting an evening of speakers on the topic of blockchain’s impact on art industries. The following are the key topics the event will tackle during the evening event in New York –

  • What does decentralization and transparency mean in the art world?
  • How do or will different industry players interact with blockchain: artists, curators, collectors, and auction houses?
  • How will mediums be impacted? What is happening in digital art?
  • Who is leading the way at this intersection?
  • What is it about blockchain that inspires us to imagine completely new ways of interacting and connecting and what does that mean for creating, consuming, distributing and preserving art?

Speakers include esteemed practitioners in the space including John Watkinson, co-creator of the CryptoPunks project and Kelani Nichole of the Current Museum. Reserve your spot today here.

Name: Decentralizing Art: The Hype and Hope of Blockchain
Location: Foley Gallery, New York
Date + Time: December 10, 6:30 – 8:30pm
Website: Link

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