Decentralizing Growth in Brooklyn [Bushwick Generator Event]

The bkDAO workshop portion of the evening focused on a handful of questions that had to be addressed collectively within break-out groups. Our group was focused on civic engagement and sustainability. How could a decentralized organization address specific Brooklyn issues we all have had experience facing? The exercise prodded us to develop a scalable governance model that could address local concerns without jeopardizing the quality of a project.

Given the diversity of each workshop group (non-profits, chefs, architects, engineers, educators, anthropologists) our conceptual DAO enjoyed absorbing collective ideation. Stay tuned for the next blockchain workshop next week at the Generator!

To learn more about events at the Bushwick Generator, visit their twitter and website.

Name: bkDAO
Event WebsiteLink
Location: Bushwick Generator
Date + Time: March 21, 2019 (7:00 PM to 9:00 PM)

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