Depp Dives Into Crypto

International movie star Johnny Depp has taken the leap into the cryptocurrency world, teaming up with Tatatu, a social media platform that utilizes blockchain technology for identity verification.  The platform also rewards users with its very own cryptocurrency, the TaTaTu Token (TTU). In a statement, Depp himself described this new era as one of “democratized entertainment” and stated that he was looking forward to the collaboration which he believed would be “liberating” and “progressive”.  TTU is currently trading around 13 cents, but was trading at around 81 cents several months ago.

In an ironic twist, a movie starring where Depp was held for ransom for Bitcoin ran just last year, and the movie star is rumored to play a cybersecurity pioneer and one of the most controversial figures in the cryptocurrency world, John Mcafee, in an upcoming movie.

Name: Tatatu

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