Dinwiddie’s Crypto-Friendly Shoe Line

Spencer Dinwiddie might not be a household name, but the NBA player does bring home $1 million a year.  However, he doesn’t just rely on basketball to pay his bills, as he recently admitted in an interview that he had bought some bitcoin last year.  He laments that “If I woulda gone all-in, boy, I’d be loaded by now”.

He also plans on launching a shoe line shortly, called K8IROS, and he plans on donating 25.08% of the proceeds to charity, which is a reference to his college basketball numbers, 25 and 8.  He has played an integral role in the product development of the shoe line, and states that his store will be crypto-friendly, as well. Watch for the drop in ~21 days!

Name: Dinwiddie’s K8IROS
Website: http://projectdream.io/

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