Discovering Bitcoin at the House of Nakamoto

The hype and hysteria and typically shrouds Bitcoin and blockchain, the team at The House of Nakamoto look to slice through the confusion with their storefront spaces. Created in 2017, the HoN is a dedicated “Bitcoin Store” that hosts regular events and houses all manner of ATMs and artifacts concerning the original cryptocurrency.

The first House of Nakamoto was opened at the beginning of 2017 in the heart of Vienna on one of the liveliest shopping streets of the Austrian capital. We wanted to offer a point of contact at which bitcoin newbies could seek explanation and advice in face-to-face consultation with our team.

You’ve heard of bitcoin but still have some questions? You need help in setting up a wallet? Come to our House of Nakamoto, where we’ll be happy to help!

The HoN’s original storefront is located in Vienna, Austria with a new recent opening in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Follow their developments and sign up for their mailing list here.

Name: The House of Nakamoto

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