DLive: Next Generation Live Streaming

Streaming Going Decentralized

@DLive is a video-sharing and live streaming platform that that is built on the Steem blockchain, where streamers can earn the native cryptocurrency on a decentralized network. With a Steem account, content creators can leverage all the benefits of a blockchain-based system including lack of fees, censorship-free structures, and community-driven monetization.


DLive seeks to provide the best experience for both the viewer and the streamer. Adopting a by-the-community-for-the-community system, this platform pledges to weigh community feedback to improve DLive on a daily basis.

How will it Change the Industry?

In comparison to traditional streaming platforms that are more centralized, the regulations are set up by the community instead of by a higher power. In addition, newer streamers aren’t pushed to the bottom by other streamers with higher numbers, and streamers are also rewarded for the quality of their content, and not just the quantity of the viewers.


  • Popular “Streemer” @exyle

Twitch.TV vs. DLive

Similar to YouTube, Twitch has been implementing stricter regulations, handing out more bans to Twitch streamers, and censoring a great deal of their content. Steadily, Twitch is seeking to become a platform that caters to a more clean cut image, representing a more “civil” atmosphere. DLive, on the other hand, is very unregulated, allowing more content that is typically censored including NSFW or politically divisive videos, and allows space for streamers to voice their unfiltered opinions and make controversial statements without being taken down.

What is its Current State?

  • Check out DLive’s 6 month Anniversary post here.
  • DLive is coming to Android with Fanbase! Read up on the details here.


  • Refer-a-Friend campaign is back! Check out their campaign here.

Project Details

Project Name: DLive
Website: https://dlive.io/
Steemit Account: https://steemit.com/@dlive
Twitter: https://twitter.com/officialdlive

All images are courtesy of DLive.
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