Embrace the “Bear Market” with Plasma Bears

Crypto Adventure Awaits!

It goes without saying that these guys – in the dark depths of crypto-winter – have truly embraced the Bear Market. Plasma Bears are just that, an Ethereum-powered marketplace for customizable, collectible, adorable, creepy, gif-tastic, crypto-artsy BEARS! Forget about hibernation, Blockade Games has been busy building an ecosystem of creative and immersive blockchain games.

Here’s just a little window into the big world of blockchain bears –

BUIDL a Bear

There are many ways to play, lots of bear parts to collect, and of course adventures to be had. Once you assemble your bear you can explore the Plasma World to earn treasure and fun crypto loot. Here’s how to get started –

1) Collect Bear Parts – Collect Plasma Bear Parts by visiting the site daily, adventuring, or trading with your friends. Learn more about collecting bear parts.

2) Craft Awesome Bears – Assemble your bears into adventurers or drama queens — Or both! Whatever you want to do. Learn more about building your bears.

3) Go Adventuring in their kooky world! – Get out into the world and discover the secrets leading up to The Great Shredding. Learn more about adventuring.

Project: Plasma Bears by Blockade Games
Website: https://plasmabears.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlasmaBears
Discord: https://discord.gg/3AbutcS
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/plasmabears/

Images courtesy of Plasma Bears

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