EverDragons Game Migrates from Ethereum to TRON

“A Dragon is not a slave [to ETH]” – Daenerys Targaryen

There’s a lot of hot air when it comes to raising digital dragons, GAS specifically. The blockchain powered EverDragons game recently announced that it will be transitioning from the Ethereum blockchain to TRON, citing speed and scalability concerns. TRON’s blockchain chemistry is based off of what’s called a delegated proof of stake blockchain (a similar makeup to Steem and EOS) unlike Ethereum’s proof of work. Read more of their official announcement, here.

TRON is immensely accelerating the growth of the DApps market with their more scalable chain, offering solutions for players and developers alike. – Jacqueline Hardy (CMO + Co-founder)

EverDragons is an blockchain-powered game involving digital assets. Anyone is able to purchase an EverDragon egg which will hatch with various characteristics. Owners will be then be able to have their dragon(s) participate in various activities and games including races in which everyone can bet on a winner and win cryptocurrency.

Name: EverDragons
Website: https://everdragons.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/4ldeverdragons

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