Expanding The Creative Crypto Team! [Rewards for Contributors]

Big Moves + 300 Creative Crypto Articles

It has only been a few months since launching The Creative Crypto Magazine, built with the @creativecrypto account on SteemPress, and the magazine has already captured the attention of the blockchain industry! We’ve been able to produce 300 unique articles ranging from diverse public Billboard announcements to exclusive interviews with CEOs and creative blockchain initiatives. Our readership is reaching the 10s of thousands, supported by daily content and a weekly newsletter.

Explore our 300 + articles on crypto creativity!

Here are some major highlights of what we’ve created thus far – Interview with Indiegogoconcerning their tokenization of the St. Regis Aspen Resort with Elevated Returns, a new narrative series (part 1 and part 2) with CryptoKitties, and themed design tutorials such as this one for Blockchain 101. Our content ranges from deep-diving discussions, thought-pieces on components of the creative blockchain space, and simple fun. We’re always striving to build out the vibrant culture around crypto and blockchain – art, design, architecture, fashion, film, and more – and now, we’re ready to make that leap and scale up our operations.


Building and Rewarding a Decentralized Team

Now, we’re looking to expand our team to provide an even stronger output of premiere coverage highlighting blockchain’s creative impact. We want to invite you to be part of our team!

Ideal candidates would match one or more of the following criteria –

  • Live in cities with high blockchain social activity (New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Berlin, London, Hong Kong, Singapore)
  • Have journalism, copyediting, and/or professional writing experience
  • Have a creative background and participates in major art, design, etc. – related blockchain events
  • Familiar with the blockchain ecosystem

We’ll be providing article bounties of $10-100 USD worth of Steem Dollars (1 SBD = 1 USD) depending on scope and nature of contributing work after each potential article is approved. Amounts are subject to change in accordance to market action.

10 SBD
30-50 SBD
50-100 SBD

Become a Scout

If you’re not up to writing full-length pieces for the main magazine, you can join the team as a news ‘Scout’ that contributes the latest updates and upcoming events to the magazine’s Billboard. Scouts will fill out a simple form consisting of some or all of the following depending on the type of event – event name, date, website, twitter, location, organization website. We’ll provide a Twitter list to follow the search for the latest updates. Successfully submitted and reviewed entries will receive modest Steem Dollar bounties.

Become a Reporter / Essayist

Writers will of course be tasked with finding and covering recent news and producing unique long-form articles for both the main magazine and our public Billboard. Topics covered include –

  1. Event-based coverage and takeaways– We’ll prearrange and cover press entrance to approved events and reports will provide summaries, photos, short interviews, and opinions from the activity. These can be conferences, exhibitions, or major community activities. Coverage can include personal experiences if participating in a given event.
    Examples –
  2. Thought-pieces and industry-specific content – If you come from a particular industry of creative practice, we’re looking for your insight on the latest projects, developments, platforms, and blockchains that are already or have the prospect of significantly impacting your field.
  3. And beyond: [example] – We’re always open to fun interpretations and perspectives of the blockchain space. These can be more atypical articles that cover unique and quirky aspects of the crypto space – memes, pop culture, the work of communities, etc.

Join us as a Copyeditor

Editors will primarily be responsible for going over major submitted content as well as transcribing and formatting audio interviews conducted by The Creative Crypto. Payment will vary depending on the scope of article.

Magazine contributors can fulfill one or more of the outlined roles. Currently, we’re looking to onboard 5-10 curators across these categories and will announce them as team members post approval. All commitment is flexible and on a case-by-case basis.

A Clear Lens on Blockchain and Creativity

For each of these categories, all submitted work must pertain to both blockchain and creativity – art, design, architecture, urban design, landscape, fashion, creative discussions, UI/UX, graphic design, curation, animation, dance, theatre, film, photography, music, AR/VR, rendering, social media, branding. Submissions must be unique in both writing and submitted media. Content falling out of these categories will not be considered.

For those interested, please inquire through the short form link, here!

If you would like to learn about how the magazine operates, we encourage you to read our original mission here and more in-depth look at the magazine’s model here. If you’d like to support the magazine anyway without contributing writing and info, you can follow The Creative Crypto’s Twitter account and converse with us there!

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