Exploring Blockchain SuperPowers with CryptoPuzzles

Today, we’re excited to introduce a new Sndbox project – CryptoPuzzles.

CryptoPuzzles is a new collaborative art and design project to leverage the most recent offerings of decentralized ledgers, blockchain-integrated art markets, and the growing accessibility of cryptocurrency wallets. We believe this creative project to be one of the utmost promising ways of lowering the bar for the crypto-curious. CryptoPuzzles offer a new cultural window to understand cryptocurrency alongside more traditional, financial, and technical perspectives.

Historical Precedent

Bitcoin puzzles have been around for a number of years now, although only existing as experimental projects in respect to the blockchain ecosystem. Coin Artist first made headlines with her original painting that hid within it a wallet key that unlocked about 5 BTC and took 3 years to solve. More recently, a veteran BTC HODLer upped the stakes by embedding 310 whole Bitcoin in the image below.

TORCHED H34R7S by Coin Artist
The Anonymous Miner’s 310 BTC Puzzle

These open ‘games’ are playful ways of introducing cryptocurrency to the public eye, one that is easily distracted and strained by the constant influx of confusing jargon and financial news. The implications of this type of engagement should not be understated, standing also as one of the few vehicles that allow anyone to ‘earn’ cryptocurrency outside of direct investment. It makes blockchain more socially and financially accessible

At this point, the general global public finally understands that Bitcoin is valuable. Speculative and volatile, yes, but nonetheless something of real worth and utility that translates directly to the traditional fiat everyone uses and implicitly understands. Though this might seem boringly basic to most blockchain insiders, it provides a unique opportunity for creatives to play further with this type of medium.

The Concept

And so begins the CryptoPuzzles project! Starting today, we’ll be releasing a series of crypto treasure maps as unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) integrated with clues to unlock various cryptocurrency wallets. The keys to each wallet will be embedded in each series of images and uncovered through linking rendered perspectives and exploring with clues that we provide to the owners of these artworks.

The First Puzzle

The first puzzle “BitcoinHaus” was just released as a series on SuperRare with clues coming next week on KnownOrigin. The SuperRare maps (which reveal new perspectives of the same 3D landscape) will be released each week. In short, every NFT Map will be a unique art piece with only 4 editions, each with a unique palette.

All clues to the orientation of the maps will be available for purchase on KnownOrigin and bundled at no extra cost for treasure map buyers. Map holders will receive priority airdrops to the most revealing clues as the puzzles are revealed. 

The prize for solving the puzzle first? Access to a dedicated cryptocurrency wallet with a batch of tokens. 

Treasure = 501 Steem [@bitcoinhaus]

Learn more about BitcoinHaus and our Puzzling announcement by clicking here.

What Happens if I Purchase a Map?

Map holders (HODLers) will periodically receive NFT airdrops to their MetaMask wallet addresses. These NFTs will reveal key-finding clues that relate to the Maps in your Ethereum wallet.

It is important to stress that owning a map is not required to solve any puzzle because all of the images will be public. If you follow the releases closely, anyone should be able to solve the puzzle without a purchase. However, purchasing maps will come with significant benefits over time including free additional blockchain art collectibles, first insight to important clues, and access to future easter eggs.

Finally, this treasure (BitcoinHaus = 501 Steem) will grow over time. As NFTs are sold, the record of sale will be recorded on the Steem blockchain, thus making it eligible to receive crypto-backed upvotes. With each sale, the treasure becomes incrementally larger. We’ll be updating the price each week! Percentages of each purchase will also be placed in future prize pools, meaning that the bounty for dedicated treasure hunters will grow dramatically with each successive series. 

Looking Ahead

Our goal with CryptoPuzzles is to create a new culture of gamification that is educational, public-facing, vibrant, and downright fun for anyone (HODLers most of all) to participate in. Stay tuned for more announcements each week!

Learn more – Visit the Puzzle Homepage

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