Gett’n NFTy in NYC [Interview with Cameron Bale, NFT.NYC Conference]

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The highly anticipated NFT.NYC conference is taking place next week! The Creative Crypto is proud to be a media partner for the first event of its kind in New York City and to kick off the excitement, we have an interview with some of the brains behind the event. We spoke to Cameron Bale, Director of Marketing at Peoplebrowsr and Coin.Kred, about the mission of the event and how he plans to help usher in NFT innovation with the conference.

The Creative Crypto: Thanks for joining us Cameron! What is NFT.NYC and how did it come into existence?

NFT.NYC is a ‘non-fungible token’-focused blockchain conference at the PlayStation Theater in Times Square, New York and will feature over 50 industry thought leaders. It was an idea we at PeopleBrowsr had with our partners OpenSea and CryptoKitties about 7 months ago. We initially thought the event would be quite small as the NFT space is a niche within the blockchain community.

It proved to be much more massive than expected. We have now received well over 150 speaker applications and are expecting over 350 attendees. The NFT industry has grown tremendously since then and the conference will include everyone from application makers to investors and general enthusiasts from the blockchain sector.

Our team has been building deep social applications for many years and recently announced Kred Coins, a platform that allows anyone to create their own customized, actionable NFT Coins. We began talking with the teams running other NFT projects and realized that we all face the same challenge of mainstream awareness. This type of conference allows us to collectively tackle the same problem and build relationships as we all build into a future timeline.

What are the main goals the organizers are trying to achieve with this conference?

The primary goal is to bring NFT thought leaders together into the same space and conversing on key collective topics. Many of us face the same issues of scalability, awareness, etc. so the event provides an opportunity to both build relationships as well as educate public visitors.

Next, we really want to establish a platform to show real-world use cases for non-fungible tokens. The diversity in NFT applications is tremendous and now includes religion-centric coins, gun registration systems, artist tokens, in-game currencies, and exchanges to trade digital assets between applications and for crypto. There’s a lot to cover in just NFTs alone and even many companies within the space are unaware of the spectrum of innovation going on around them.

In a nutshell, why should the public be excited about non-fungible tokens?

NFTs offer a more ‘concrete’ manifestation of blockchain in real-world commerce and collecting. They take the major benefits of blockchain – immutability, openness, decentralization – and create unique digital assets that can be traded and applied to traditional digital structures. NFTs are already changing how things like content creator fanhood and gaming tokens work so there’s undoubtedly going to be more mainstream growth and impact.

As mentioned before, there is an enormous array of how NFTs are being used today and once the general public learns about these applications, there’s going to be more excitement and adoption. NFTs have the capacity to replace marriage certificates or forms of identification. Gym and club memberships would be more effective as tokens as well. Instead of earning V-Bucks on Fortnite, your purchases could be done with crypto and earn you in-game collectibles that can be traded and sold. In each of these cases, the use of NFTs will make for a more global and secure ecosystem while empowering users with real ownership over their digital goods.

NFTs have the ability to carry your call to action, to engage your community.

Many of the speakers come from diverse positions within the blockchain industry. Tell us a bit on how you’ve structured the talks and what visitors can expect.

The conference is structured as a narrative. It starts with key questions including “What is an NFT?” and “Why are they important?” Then we’ll get into many use cases with real developers talking about their apps.

From there, we’ll go bigger picture, discussing the lessons and experiences of different players in the industry, like how digital scarcity drives value and how personal identity will be tokenized.

Much of it will be interactive as well. We even have a session on how to build your own NFT with a smart contract.

The event will create dialogue between the brightest minds in NFTs and world leaders in several arenas including sports, art, and gaming.

What can people check out if anyone is interested in learning more about the event and its speakers?

Follow us on Twitter (@NFT_NYC) to see insightful one-on-one interviews with our speakers and check out our [press release]. We have a dedicated [YouTube channel] as well that discusses all aspects of the NFT industry with conference participants. For more discussion with our Founder and CEO, Jodee Rich, tune into his interview with John Gleeson on the Farsight Podcast (embedded below).

Thank you Cameron for joining us on the interview! If you’re in and around New York on the 20th, be sure to come by and say hello to them and our team!

YouTube Channel: Link
Date: Feb 20, 2019
Location: Playstation Theater, NYC

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