Going Digital: Art, Data, and the Market

The Contemporary And Digital Art Fair – [CADAF] takes place May 3-5, 2019 in NYC. The fair will focus on a blend of digital art spanning artificial intelligence, generative design, blockchain, cryptography, augmented and virtual reality. The event itself will be a powerful forum to connect with artists and collectors, technologists and thought leaders. Learn more, click here.

CADAF Panel Spotlight

Anne Bracegirdle | Associate VP + Specialist, Photographs |Christie’s
Nanne Dekking | Founder + CEO | Artory
Stefan Fröhlich | Head of Innovation + Single Risks | Munich RE
Ulvi Kasimov | Founder | .ART
Megan Newcome | Director of Digital Strategy | Philips

Moderated byFanny Lakoubay | COO | Snark.art

Collectors, art marketplaces, and artists have become increasingly invested in tracking provenance and verifying authorship as more art is being created and sold digitally. In this discussion, art and technology specialists will cover authentication, data transparency and their impact on value in the digital realm.

Saturday, May 4
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

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