Hackers Attack One Of Malaysia’s Largest Media Companies, Hold Bitcoin Ransom

Hackers have attacked Malaysian media giant Media Prima Bhd, and are requesting over $6 million in Bitcoin in order to reauthorize employees to have access to their systems. The company, which is publicly listed, did not confirm the attack. Sources have told the Edge Markets, who broke the story, that the company has moved communications to G Suite as a result of the attack.

The attack took place on November 8, and hackers are reportedly requesting 1,000 Bitcoin in order to restore access. It is unclear whether the media conglomerate has contacted authorities or not.

PGA of America recently underwent a similar situation in August, as their network was compromised before the hackers demanded ransom in order to access their files. PGA of America, a U.S. organization of over 29,000 gold professionals, refused to pay the ransom.

Name: Media Prima Hacked for Bitcoin Ransom
Website: https://www.mediaprima.com.my


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