Hacking LEGO and Having Fun with the Blockchain

The Little Blockchain That Could

Steem block producer Roelandp has a cool history of getting creative with his blockchain duties. Over the past holiday, Roeland hacked the Bluetooth of his 2-year old’s Christmas Gift – a Duplo toy train – to blend the magic of LEGO and crypto together.

The Steam Train (pun definitely intended) links up to a script that interprets a blockchain node. As blocks are minted by block producers (witnesses), the LEGO locomotive begins to run. The Train light blinks whenever a new block arrives and it will actually move faster or slower around the track depending on the number of transactions each block is able to process. For a little extra flair, whenever Roeland’s witness account liaises the production of a block the train sends out a resounding “choo choo” sound.

Make sure to watch the Steam Train video, below!

It’s projects like this that add an extra layer of creativity to something super technical. Tapping into the open source world is a great way to bring new awareness to emerging technology, and heck, build an amazing Christmas gift to boot.

If you dig the Steam Train, take a look at Roeland’s Steem Whale installation in the Netherlands!

Website: https://roelandp.nl/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/roelandp

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