Here’s Jaiantokoin [A New Species of CryptoKaiju]

NFTs Backing Physical Collectibles

New CryptoKaiju are here! This new set of Ethereum powered vinyl collectibles are called Jaiantokoin – giant IRL creatures that are non-fungibly backed by the blockchain.

Not much is known about the origins of these giant monsters. They were discovered as babies behind a laboratory owned by a crazed professor who was attempting to communicate with other dimensions but inadvertently opened a portal.

CryptoKaiju Official Website

Own a Generation 2 Kaiju

Tamper Resistant ERC721

Each Kaiju is tamper-proof, with each toy containing a tag in the foot of the creature. Break the foot to get at the tag and the ERC721 Token is immediately destroyed. The Kaiju project is a unique way to establish rarity in physical goods and tether them to collectible assets on a blockchain network.

Collectible Stats

  • 5.5″ tall item ETH and BTC (chosen randomly)
  • Fabricated with vinyl, injection molded arms and legs
  • Series of 250 units
  • Each Jaiantokoin is backed by a non-fungible token
  • Ships April 2nd

Read more about the CryptoKaiju project in our interview with founder, Oliver Carding, here.


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