InterCATlactic Games Galore… [Part 2 of Adventures with Page, the CryptoKitty]


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We last left our heroic feline – named Page – on the cusp of a great crypto-adventure. This Fancy and furry non-fungible (quite a moewthful) felt a yearning for something greater than the digital game it called home. Page wanted to explore the expanding KittyVerse! This is the unlikely story of an adventurous CryptoKitty.

Catch up on Pt. 1 – Adventures with Page, the CryptoKitty

Meanwhile, in a KittyVerse Far, Far Away… A fancy cat was preparing for an epic journey. Page had borrowed a small spaceship from an old friend, PhuZiqaat who had told Page of all there was to discover in the planets beyond. Sadly, Phu was feeling sluggish these days and couldn’t take the ship out for a spin like they used to together. Back when they were kittens, Phu and Page would get into all kinds of interstellar mischief. For this adventure, Phu was happy to sit back on the sidelines and cheer Page onwards.

Safely packing for adventure was not exactly Page’s best cattribute. Papa Paw’s kittybrows raised at the sight of Page stuffing swords and shields into the trunk of the ship. “The KittyVerse is full of exciting worlds but also incredible dangers.” Papa warned. Paw couldn’t understand why such a young kitty would want to explore the whole universe! Tears welling, Meow and Paw said their final goodbyes and Page was off!



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Page launched straight for the stars and soon, very distant and faraway planets came into focus. It wasn’t at all what Page had expected. From way back home, the KittyVerse looked calm and quiet. Now there was color and action and much more buzzing around than originally thought! These stars and planets were beautiful, colorful and wait… a giant hat? A racetrack? A planet with swords sticking out?

What was this mysterious and ethereal place!? The KittyVerse was jam-packed with nifty new games to play!


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Page’s first stop was a planet covered with a giant top hat. A glowing sign that read “HATS” broadcasted out into space with a beautiful pink hue. It had been a long journey and this plodding feline needed a few fun new accessories to reboot and blend in with the locals. What better place to relax and pick up some new gear than planet Kitty Hats?

Hats, tuxedos, glasses, even vuvuzelas! The Kitty Hats planet was full of fun Non-Fungibles to try on and deck out Page’s new interstellar look.


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Next stop was the mysterious land of swords and shields. Kitty Battles wasn’t just an arena to go paw to paw with other Kittens. This battleground was also a place to learn more about the origins of the KittyVerse and the 1 million CryptoKitties surfing the Ethereum Blockchain. Page met all kinds of new friends from strange worlds like Pawlaska, Mew York City, the Catahari Desert, and Jupitpurr.



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Page’s latest stop was an entire planet covered by an epic racetrack. Back on the Kitty Hat planet, Page had used some Ether to purchase a helmet and Kitty Race was a purrfect place to put new accessories to the test!

On planet Kitty Race, Page could race other Kittens to earn more Ethereum to refuel the spaceship. Luckily, Page was taught by one of the best racers in the whole KittyVerse, PhuZiqaat! Remembering Phu’s training, Page zoomed through the competition, leaving every other intergalactic hair ball in the dust.

Flush with rewards (more than enough to fuel the next leg of the journey) Page knew exactly what to do… back to Kitty Hats to celebrate!


Endless Pawsibilities! Page could finally feel the infinite pawtential of the KittyVerse. A nifty series of all kinds of games to play and countless different kinds of Kittens to meet. This was just the beginning. Page’s paws were wiser now having raced, battled and… earned plenty of galactic headware.



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CryptoKitties is an online game powered by cryptocurrency. Here, you can collect digital cats to play games with, breed or trade for Ether. Our purrtagonist – Page – is a unique non-fungible digital token bound to the Ethereum Blockchain.

To learn more about these digital collectables, check out our article introducing these Ethereum-infused blockchain critters.

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In A KittyVerse Far, Far Away is a creative partnership series between The Creative Crypto Magazine and CryptoKitties..

Read the story both on Steemit and The Creative Crypto.

The original artwork in this article was created by The Creative Crypto illustrator @carrotcake, Yiran Park. This crypto-storytelling initiative will also become a core part of IMO’s first volume.

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