Join in on Cryptograffiti’s ‘Micro Auction’

‘CryptoArtist’ Cryptograffiti is hosting a “Micro Auction” for the above painting Black Swan. The piece, created with USD and counterfeit detector pen ink, is being auctioned on the BTC lightning network to whomever places the lowest possible bid by 7pm EST. You can place your bids here, watch the auction in real time here, and witness the making of the work in the following video – 

Cryptograffiti’s goal is twofold – to poke fun at the mainstream media’s obsession about BTC’s price rather than its core ongoing innovations, as well as spread awareness about the lightning network to artists. The lightning network allows anyone to transfer BTC faster and at lower cost, which also opens up the opportunities to send seamless micropayments on the blockchain. 

Auction Website: Link
Youtube Auction Livestream: Link

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