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The Jonas Lund Token, is artistic project where the artist himself, Jonas Lund, makes 100,000 shares for his own personal artistic practice, where these shares gives the shareholder influence and power over how Jonas Lund would make his decisions in the future regarding his artistic practice and projects. One share is equal to one vote, and owners of these tokens in turn become one of the members of Jonas Lund board of trustees.


Within the total of 100,000 tokens, Jonas Lund reserved 10,000 of them to a group of professional artists that have been personally invited by Jonas Lund to form the initial board of trustees. The artist reserves another 10,000, while the rest of the 80,000 shares are distributed through a combination of three different phases.

In the first of the three phases, Jonas Lund will allocate 25,000 tokens for purchasing a physical embodiment of the Jonas Lund Token as a wall based art work. Next, another 50,000 shares will be available through Initial Coin Offering sale through the public. In the last phase, the tokens are sold in the marketplace, which can then be available for anyone to trade with. For the duration of the first two phases, one Jonas Lund token is the equivalent to the price of 1/100th of an Ethereum.

..and if you’re bored browsing the site, there’s a fun interactive element to his homepage where your cursor blacks out certain pieces of this grid, essentially popping an online bubble wrap that resets itself after every refresh.

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How does it Work?

Still confused about the process? Here’s a video on how to get set up through the MetaMask system.

How can it Change the Industry?

This initiative by Jonas Lund provides a framework for future art projects to monetize both their design process and products to the public, while creating your own cryptocurrency in the process. This incentivizes people to hold their own shares at the same pace as the start up of the artist’s exhibit, and it can overturn the starving artist narrative, where artists struggle financially while trying to make it a financially sustainable job.

This Jonas Lund Token can pave the way for more artists to introduce their artwork and invest more of their time into fine arts and pursue the arts as a career.

Project Details

Token Name: Judas Lund Token
Slack: Chatroom link

All images are courtesy of Jonas Lund Token

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