Launching MORE, a Club on Crypto

If you follow cryptocurrency, you know that during the bull runs over the past few years, an unbelievable amount of wealth has been generated, and some of the anecdotes regarding wealth creation have been almost comical.  There is Peter Saddington, who was able to purchase a Lamborghini off of a $115 Bitcoin purchase in 2011, and a Norwegian man who literally forgot about his Bitcoin, only to find out that it was worth a small fortune years later.

What is the point of incredible returns if you aren’t going to spend it?  Welcome to MORE Las Vegas – founded by Peter Klamka – a nightclub catering specifically to cryptocurrency investors. Entry costs 5000 MORE coins, and MORE is now trading at around 18 cents, a total entry around 900 USD currently.  Partygoers can redeem MORE tokens for hotel rooms, dinners, and even exotic car rentals.

The club is already catching on with the more affluent crowd, as regulars include Daymond John, the celebrity entrepreneur who appears on Shark Tank and founder of FUBU, and rappers such as Rich the Kid and 21 Savage. Klamka plans on opening more locations in Miami and Los Angeles as well.

Name: MORE

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